System eWebTEL is a cloud portal aggregating measurement data intended for comprehensive supervision over monitored gas network.


Cost optimization

Optimization of reading costs.


Analysis of the correctness of the selection of water meters.


Water supply network management.


Enables to optimize costs related to gas consumption readouts by receivers. Enables to control correctness of gas network operation. Enables to analyze correctness of gas meter selection and gas supplies. Facilitates gas network administration from any place on the planet. Possibility of archiving data on manufacturer’s server – it is not necessary to maintain IT infrastructure. Enables gas receivers to see data. Enables access to data independently of currently used telemetric systems.

Important features

System based on Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.) and mobile devices. Availabe to install on clients server. Data are archived on a server. Enables to export data in CSV and TXT format. Enables personalization protected by password in order to see configuration parameters.

Files to download