Convert gas volume and gas energy to base conditions. The MacBAT IV cooperation with turbine and rotary gas meters, and other types equipped with pulse output proportional to measured value (i.e. ultrasonic or mass gas meter).

Installation in the Ex zone

A converter that can be installed in any explosion hazard zone.

Universal cooperation

Versatility of cooperation with control systems thanks to the built-in current output and frequency output.

High accuracy

High measuring accuracy due to the multi-point correction of the characteristics of the cooperating gas meter.


Allowing for more than 14 years of work without external power supply. Fully separated and protected RS485 serial ports allowing for transmission of data in the most unfriendly industrial environment. Second internal pressure sensor as an option. Up to 5 external temperature or pressure transducers. Built-in current output 4-20mA. Separated digital outputs and frequency to 5kHz. Built-in acustic signalization for the most demanding automation and control solutions. Large QVGA illuminated display. Numeric and illuminated keypad allowing for simple device configuration. Variable NAMUR inputs in accordance with EN 60947-5-6 allowing for connection and HF emitter damage detection. Inputs cooperate with MF and HF transmitters and encoders manufactured by leading companies. NAMUR inputs allowing for work with inductive sensors, also working on battery mode.

Technical support

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Technical Support Engineer

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Sales Engineer

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IEC-1107 signal converter (Opto-GAZ) working via Bluetooth. Can be used in EX zone.



Transmission Interface facilitates as an external power supply to the connected intrinsically safe measurement devices in stationary telemetric systems supplied from 230 V or a battery.



Application converts measurement data from devices such as: volume converters, recorders.



PC software designed for the configuration and diagnostic of PLUM devices.