Telemetric module for remote water meter reading system.

Compatibility with leading meters.

Compatibility with water meters of leading manufacturers.

NB-IoT and Cat.M. technology.

Comunication standard based on protected/ licensed bands in NB-IoT or Cat.M technology.

Optical indicator.

Fast and easy installation based on telco infrastructure, optical LED indicator of successful server connection during the installation process.


MacIQ WM is a compact telemetric module which is an element of stationary water meter monitoring system. Simple Plug & Play solution that does not require transmission components or building own infrastructure. The device has a configurable daily schedule. Data transmission from water meter takes place in daily cycle, while the alarm is immediate – sent in case of an event. Use of modern technology dedicated for IoT trend with increased radio signal propagation and concentration, especially on indoor coverage. The device operates in licensed 4G and 5G telecommunication networks in NB-IoT standard, LTE Cat. M1. The module provides efficient transmission of measuring data from difficult locations. It is adapter to the requirements of the real-time system – immediate transmission of incident report. The device meets the requirements for installation in high humidity and full immersion conditions.


• Compatibility with water meters of leading manufacturers.
• Communication standard based on licensed bands in NB-IoT technology or Cat.M.
• Efficient two-way communication.
• Over 10 years of expected battery lifetime
• Multiplanar magnetic field interference detection.
• Optical LED indicator of successful server connection.

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