MacR6 N

GSM telemetry unit designed to work as water volume and pressure logger.

Registering two volumes

One device – registering two separate volumes.

Water meter detection

Unique water meter detection and data collecting mechanism.

Network visualization

Water distribution network visualization.


MacR6 N is an industrial data logger adapted for the toughest environmental conditions. Device construction is resistant to water leakage, work in high humidity, polluted water, mechanical impacts. The device is equipped with internal GSM modem, therefore billing and monitoring data are sent according to programmed schedule or when alarm situation appears. MacR6 N communicates directly with water meters of leading manufacturers using a magnetic coupling through dedicated PLUM adapters. Data logger is developed in “plug and play” system and the addition of a pressure sensor can be done in every moment by the user without configuration change. MacR6 N is configured using a dedicated Android application based on NFC standard. MacR6 N is fully supported by eWebtel – PLUM cloud software dedicated to data acquisition.


Industrial and public buildings, single and multi family houses.
Buildings with oversized water consumption.
Measurement of water supplied to different districts.
In zones and sub-zones – to calibrate water supply system model.
The key part of remote, stationary water meter reading system in water company.
Replenishment of radio based systems.

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