PlumREADER software read out and processes measurement data acquired from devices such as volume converters, hour peak readouts recorders and pressure recorders.


Support for transmission sockets.


Saving reports to popular formats.


Advanced data presentation.


Support of TCP, UDP, and CSD transmission standards. Automatic generation of monthly reports. Saving reports in PDF, WORD, EXCEL formats. Clear report of events and alarms. Support for group readouts of measurement data. Advanced data presentation in a form of charts. Object devices configuration archiving. The trial license is free and has a time limit of up to one calendar year. It is currently valid until January 2019 and should be renewed after this period.


PlumREADER communicates with devices with implemented transmission protocols: GAZ-MODEM, GAZ-MODEM2, GAZ-MODEM3. It reads out current data, events and alarms, data recorded with recording period and data recorded temporarily. Developed reporting mechanism enables to set data of various periods in various formats: PDF, WORD, EXCELL. It is also possible to export any data to CSV files. Data acquisition from devices can be performed remotely with the use of telemetric transmission protocols like TCP, UDP, CSD. Group read out of devices is easier thanks to possibility for creating specific groups of devices intended for read out. Software has implemented support of e-mail server. This allow for receiving of recorded data from measurement devices at any time. Data readout can also be made directly on the object by connecting a PC via dedicated interface: RS-GAZ2 or OPTO. Software will automatically search the device and perform data synchronization.